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Marynell Kucera


"I have shot with Brian multiple times over the last 9 years. He has always been professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with over the years! He has helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and gives great feedback and a quick turnaround for images."

Daylight Crimes 02.jpg

Skyler Davs

Model and Actor

"Brian is an amazing photographer. He has a great eye for the right angles to be in and right poses. The quality on his pictures are amazing! He’s an awesome guy and I hope to do many more photo shoots with him" 


Dawn Reyes


"Brian is a great photographer. He is very professional. I felt really at ease during our photo shoot and had a lot of fun."


Daniela Scarpelli

Model and Beauty Queen

"Wonderful photographer! Brian has shot amazing modeling, acting body and head shots for myself and several of my friends -- some who have even started acting and modeling as a career! Very easy to talk to and also helps train you on how to pose! All around great photographer and person!"


Latosha Ross

Model and Local Artist

"Have you ever walked past a painting, a photo, a sculpture, or simply another person and became unexpectedly breathless or captivated? 

The more you glanced over and unintentionally stared... you gained a newfound fathomless perspective of what you see.  That is what Brian Berry delivers.  An expected element of his style of photography that allows the viewer, and quite frankly from experience, the model, insights to the charisma and solitary of emotion that surfaces only in light of his lens...

For over 3 years Brian and I have collaborated over a series of holidays and ideas and it has truly allowed me to grow as a person. From the acceptance of my body to the proud notions in which I use to flaunt my entire being...

Brian is photographer who literally captures who you are... and for countless times I've received an image of myself and gasps asking the inevitably rhetorical question, "Is that me?!"... Not because something is wrong or I looked airbrushed or extensively edited as with other photographers, but because I'm shown a smirk of confidence or dominating features of myself that only an outside eye could reveal to me...

Thank you Brian so much for this journey of growth through our sessions... And I look forward to many more... Mahalo!"

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